Need Commercial Bulk Potatoes For Your Business? Here's How To Place Your order from a supplier

Whether you operate a fast food joint, a catering service or a restaurant, you need potatoes to prepare your different meals. By purchasing commercial bulk potatoes, you can cut out middle men and enjoy discounted wholesale prices and other added benefits that you shall read about below. In this article, find out how you should go about making your order of bulk potatoes from a supplier.

Potato type/ species

First decide on which potato species you want to work with. Your bulk potato supplier should be able to get their hands on most of the common potato species such as Coliban, Diesiree, and Kestrel. As you know, different potato species have different prices, cook differently, have different flavours, and have different shelf lives. So pick out what you prefer for your particular meals. You can also pick a selection of different species as long as you know what amounts you want each in.


Next, decide how you want the potatoes packed. That is, in what portions do you want your bulk potatoes packed? The packing method will help you with storage, handling, and easy usage depending on how many kilos you need to use at ago. Most commercial potato suppliers will offer to pack your potatoes in bags of 2, 3 or 5gs, and multiples of 5kgs in progressing order.


Some commercial suppliers can also provide your potatoes in a pre-prepared state. Ask if that option is available. If it is, that means you can get your potatoes delivered while peeled, washed but unpeeled, chopped, halved, diced, and prepared in many other states. Pre-cut potatoes allow you to reduce your cooking time as they go straight into the pot. They can also reduce your labour costs in terms of preparation.


Specify how many kilos of potatoes you need in total. Furthermore, let your supplier know how many of these kilos you need prepared in each different way, as well as how many kilos you need from each different species. For example, you may want 10 kilos of Coliban potato unpeeled, 20 kilos of Kestrel chopped and 30 kilos of Desiree, cleaned, unpeeled and halved.

Delivery schedule

Last, but not least, prepare a delivery schedule for your potato order. First, let them know if you need the potatoes delivered daily, weekly, bi-weekly, on-schedule, or just the once. In addition to that, let them know if your order will be fixed throughout or whether you want special deliveries on certain days, e.g. double orders on weekends. If you need the potatoes delivered to different locations, specify that as well.

You can then await your commercial bulk potato deliveries to start coming in. You will then start to enjoy the benefits of using wholesale pre-prepared potatoes and hopefully this will help your business to stay ahead of its competition. 

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