Tools You'll Need to Make Your Own Candy

A candy and confectionary business can be very lucrative, as people usually love candy and can always afford the small amount it costs to indulge their sweet tooth! Since making candy is a bit different than baking cakes and other desserts, note a few tools you'll need to start your business, so you know you're properly equipped and will have lots of success for years to come.

Silicone baking mat

A silicone baking mat is a type of liner that withstands extreme heat. This mat can be used over and over again, unlike waxed paper or parchment paper, which needs to be tossed after each use. For candies you may need to bake, such as certain chocolates or toffees, you'll want to invest in some silicone mats.

Candy thermometers

When making lollies, chocolate candies, and other such items that involve cooking or melting, you'll need an actual candy thermometer. A meat thermometer will be too large for most candy dishes, and may not register the temperature as precisely as needed for candies. Invest in a few candy thermometers so you can make more than one batch of candies at a time.

Rubber spoons and glass bowls

It's never good to use metal bowls and mixing spoons when making candies, as sugar can easily stick to metal and not wash off very easily. The metal itself can also taint the taste of the candy mixture. Stock up on some rubber spoons and glass mixing bowls, and leave your metal utensils for items other than candy.

Dipping fork

Sometimes it's good to test the flavour of a candy mixture before you cook it or allow it to set, but dipping your fingers into the mixture is very unhygienic and messy. A spoon or regular fork might also scoop up too much of the mixture. A dipping fork has long, thin tines that are specifically meant for dipping, and they will catch just a small amount of the candy mixture. It's also easy to just toss the fork into the sink for washing, rather than always having to stop and wash your hands before and after every tasting.

Melon ball shaper

A melon ball shaper is the perfect tool for making lollies, truffles, and other small, rounded candies. These shapers usually come in a few different sizes, so you can use one for truffles and one for truffle fillings, and make various sizes of lollies and hard candies with the various sizes of shapers.

Talk to your wholesale lolly supplies provider to find out what other recommendations they might have. 

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