Top Tips on How to Customise Christmas Crackers

With Christmas right around the corner, you might be wondering what treat to surprise your family with at the dinner table. It can be challenging, especially if you are hosting friends and want to set the bar high. Luckily, Christmas crackers are the perfect fun gift for the dinner table during this Christmas holiday. However, while you can choose from a host of Christmas crackers displayed at your local store, customising the pieces is usually the best thing to do. It ensures that everybody at the table receives a gift suited to their tastes. How do you go about customising Christmas crackers? Read on for more information.

Include Names of Each Family Member

The Christmas crackers you see at the store can work for anyone. However, they have nothing to distinguish one Christmas cracker from another. Therefore, there is a lack of ownership, which can affect the experience somewhat. If you want a Christmas dinner to remember, you should think about including the names of each family member on the crackers. For instance, you can pick Christmas crackers at the store, but rather than laying them on the table as they are, tie a label on each with each family member's name. However, you must make sure that each cracker fits each individual's personality. For example, if a member loves the colour blue, you can tie a label of their name on a Christmas cracker with blue wrapping. 

Choose Trinkets

The trinkets housed in a Christmas cracker make or break the gift. Typically, Christmas crackers include a gift, a paper crown, a joke, and a popping device. However, you can choose whatever trinkets you want to put into the crackers. The best part about it is that guests and family members will be expecting the typical trinkets in their crackers; hence, you should not let the opportunity to surprise them slip. For example, if you are married and want to make this Christmas extra special, you can insert the vows you read to your spouse on your wedding. It will not only strengthen your marriage and enhance the Christmas experience, but it will also be the perfect way to close the year. Be creative and add personalised trinkets in your Christmas crackers. 

Luxe Wreath

How times have you come across a Christmas cracker with a luxe wreath? Probably not too many times. Personalised wreaths are a great way to customise your Christmas crackers, and the good news is that nothing much goes into it. All you need is a crafty pair of hands and some ribbons, and you are ready to go. Or you can use different materials, such as foil wrappers, if you want an elegant-looking Christmas cracker. Therefore, if you are going to wow your guests and families, ensure you include personalised wreaths on the Christmas crackers.

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